Our team of consultants specializes in the insurance industry and understands what it takes to transition and succeed in the independent/broker market. Upon the request of the agent, we will walk them through every step of the process to get their independent agency open in a systematic way. We know that this is a significant step and recognize the complications that may come to light, but we are here to provide the process and support it takes to make the switch.

How We Can Help

Because our team consists of highly qualified and skilled consultants who specialize in marketing, financing, and agency ownership, we understand what it takes to build your brand awareness and make it successful.

We also are committed to providing you with the necessary tools and resources to run your agency effectively, while also coaching you on how to be aware of persistent obstacles and how to overcome them without hurting your agency. These obstacles can include:

  • Staff Management
  • Changing Market Trends
  • Keeping An Eye On The Economy
  • Keeping An Eye On Your Own Financial Resources
  • And More

We Can Help You Achieve Success

To ensure your agency can stay manageable regarding factors such as human resources, client management, handling finances, and resource utilization, our team of expert consultants will provide you with an analysis that will show the areas in which improvement is needed.

To help you achieve success in the independent/broker market, we will look at:

  • Strengthening Your Goals
  • Strengthening Your Planning Techniques
  • Strengthening Your Marketing Practices
  • Strengthening Your Investing Strategies
  • And More!

Tracking down partners, developing your marketing plans, and formulating operational processes are some of the many things that you can get our insurance agency consulting for. To learn more about what we can do for you, give us a call at (303) 542-2363.