At Accretive Consultants, we are made up of successful agents and entrepreneurs who have decades of experience in alternative investment strategies. Our in-depth knowledge of investment options will ensure that our clients’ money is put into the right places. We will work on a weekly basis to monitor our clients’ performance and offer ideas that may benefit the agent and agency financially.

Why You Should Consider Alternative Investing

Because you are an agent who works in an ever-changing environment, you will most likely come across issues related to finances, human capital, economic changes, and market fluctuations. In fact, these are some of the most common issues you will encounter in the insurance industry.

Fortunately, our team of knowledgeable consultants will provide your agency with coaching and solutions that offer you more opportunities to look into effective, alternative investment strategies.

How Will We Find You Effective Investment Strategies

To ensure that you provide you with the best investment options that will benefit you and your agency financially, we will be looking at determining factors within your agency, such as:

  • Sales Metrics
  • Quoting/Quoting Volume
  • Marketing Spend
  • Financial Processes
  • And More

Once we complete the financial analysis of your agency, this will help you better learn the market condition and how to invest.

One investment strategy we typically suggest is human capital. Human capital is a significant factor to invest in better yielding business.

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